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We are The Classic Car Hunters and we can make your Classic Car dreams come true.   

My name is Bobby Chestnut. Classic cars were….and are my biggest passion in life. I have always lived, ate, and breathed these cars, all brands and styles, and do so today. I walk the walk and can talk the talk, because I was immersed in it all my life.

I grew up in the 50’s & 60’s with a father who loved performance cars. It was the best time for anyone who loved muscle cars to grow up in. I was driving on our farm in Indiana when I was 12 and started buying and selling cars even then. I did so well that in 1965 I was able to buy a brand new 1965 GTO, and I didn’t even have a driver’s license yet!

Of course, like a lot of teens back then, I started racing everything I could get my hands on from the GTO to dragsters and funny cars and even got to work on several NHRA and NASCAR racing teams throughout the 80’s and 90’s. I then worked in speed shops, writing for automotive magazines as a tech writer and for articles, consulting at collector car dealers around the country, up until 2016 when I retired.

All thru my life, I always collected muscle cars and classics, always one at a time, as I always had to sell one to get the other. I decided in my retirement I would still meddle in my favorite hobby, collecting classic cars, and now operate a collector car business to help other people find their dream car. The Classic Car Hunters became that dream. 

With my thorough knowledge and understanding of classic cars, as well as a solid understanding of the collector car industry, we will use those talents to find the perfect car for our buyers.

I want to see the eyes light up on the people we find cars for, I want to see them smile, I want to see the emotion overtake them just as it did when I bought that 1965 GTO back in my youth!

We hope you will contact The Classic Car Hunters and enjoy those feelings too.”

Bobby Chestnut 

Bobby Chestnut



Bobby Chestnut has been an avid Classic Car collector and an automotive journalist since the 1970’s and has published articles in many automotive magazines including Street Chopper, Car Craft, Hot Rod, Chevy High Performance, Chevy Power (Corvette Editor), Classic Chevys, Popular Hot Rodding, Super Stock Illustrated, and many more. He is also Feature Writer for Ecklers Corvettes and has a book on Amazon “The List Of The Fifty Fastest Muscle Cars.”

Bobby has owned and developed several web sites including  www.corvetteforsale.com since 1997, and has been a collector of classic cars, muscle cars and Corvettes, as well as raced everything from a Chevy Super Stockers to a BB/Funny Cars in NHRA and AHRA competition and road raced in SCCA, WERA, and Vintage Car Racing. 

In his career in the 80’s and 90’s  he has worked for Joe Amato' Keystone Automotive and Amato Top Fuel Racing Team, Bruce Larson NHRA Funny Car Racing, Jasper Engines NASCAR Racing, Jimmy Spencer NASCAR Racing, and has had various tech articles published in SEMA Magazine.

He is currently filming History Channel’s new production “The Lost Corvettes" and "Corvette Heroes” which will air this Fall 2019. He was Corvette Historian, and wrote the history of every year Corvette for the web site, www.corvetteheroes.com and is a cast member for the series. Bobby was responsible, on the show itself, for the history, concepts, and parts acquisition for all stock and high-performance parts needed on the project Corvettes they build as well as a mechanic on them too. 

Bobby is 69 years young and lives in Tampa Florida. He is quoted as saying, "I  live, eat, and will die a Classic Car fanatic. What can I do to make your dream of purchasing or selling a Classic Car happen?" 

He wants every collector to know that from the moment you call them till when you get the new keys to your classic dream vehicle, The Classic Car Hunters staff is there to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.  They have decades of experience, so ask any questions!

Johnny Dean


Johnny Dean has been involved in several facets of the entertainment world throughout his career. His extensive connections in the film, movie, and TV, as well as the music industry has made his huge amount of personal connections in those fields an invaluable asset in marketing and resources for buying and selling Classic Cars.

He is also an avid collector of Classic and Muscle Cars as well as Corvettes and DeLoreans and always has at least one of each in his collection at any one time.

If a recording artist or a film/TV Star has a Classic Car for sale or wants a particular muscle car, Johnny has a Wish List in hand at all times for cars for sale or cars wanted.

Soldiers all around the world are some of the most important yet underappreciated workers within society. This is especially true within America, where military personnel are charged with protecting the country and maintaining national interests to ensure that the rest of the population remains safe and stable. Johnny Dean is a businessman active in his community and looking to support those who have served, recognizes the importance of both the military and veterans, and, as such, has donated over tens of thousands of dollars to the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Knights of Columbus, Shriners club and many other notable charities such as SPCA, Crisis Center for Women and Children. 

Johnny has have been very successful searching and finding quality classics, muscle cars, and Corvettes for clients for many years.

Let him know what car you are looking for, your budget expectations, and he will usually be able to locate a selection of choices for you to consider in a short period of time.

Johnny will send you all the descriptions, pictures, and cost plus copies of any paperwork or documentation the owners have. He will always determine which cars you want us to consider on your behalf and we will negotiate the best price from the seller for you, if you want. 

Johnny will also work with International buyers to make sure they can purchase cars that meet their standards to prevent any surprises upon delivery. 

Jerry Heasley


Author and photographer Jerry Heasley's interest in cars began more than 40 years ago. During those 40-plus years, Heasley's "interest" in cars- more like an obsession, really - led him to write more than 5,000 magazine articles for car publications, including features in Popular Mechanics, Corvette Fever, Corvette Magazine, Mustang Monthly, AutoWeek, Mopar Muscle, and countless others. His exquisite photography is also featured in numerous books, including Standard Catalog of Corvette, Standard Catalog of Camaro, Standard Guide to American Muscle Cars, and Story of Camaro. While he resides in Pampa, Texas, Heasley regularly travels the country attending car shows, where he's able to locate many of the cars he features in his books and articles.